Ullamaliztli 1519

by Jeremy Young



Ullamaliztli 1 5 1 9 .
Cortez crawls up a sandbank .
The state-appoint’d priest trails behind ,
Shade of parasol .
Knees down
Voice low
Boots damp
Scorpion .
A burning realism
The carmine orchid and of sienna armadillos
On a Mesoamerican peninsula
Ripewithsunsoakedopuntia .
Record’d in this cuaderno ,
Leath’rbound and tea-stain’d .
Accounts of (a) loss .
Lists of (a) new flora .
Discoveries of (a) species .
Applications for (a) farming procedure .
Time stops , and
Cortez reaches up over the ridge .
Ullamaliztli a dancing portrait
Moving parts / productions of a
Violent ritualistic poem
In mid-air .
Looks over a field of reeds ,
white tips buzzing / small jetstreams of mosquito ,
in a breeze .
Sees social conflict ,
mythic aggression ( tattooed to landscapes in fire ) , and
religious prescriptions of behaviour
Veracruz and Maya once rejoicing over spilled blood .
Sees Popol Vuh
Staring him in the eye
In Xibalba .
The basin ,
Oaxaca .
A haze of collective and harmoni’us manoeuvres
Sportsman , in
Ullamaliztli costume
Toss this heavy ball , for a brief moment resembling the flight of a sea-bound petrel ,
Through elaborately carv’d hoops .
The loser meets death .
Time stops .
For Cortez ,
Gold is a battery prolonging his interest .
A priest’s description and an illustration
Satisfy the blankness of a page .
14 minutes .
Not recorded ,
The lyrical hieroglyphic chanting ,
The sound of bones breaking .
Not recorded ,
The stench of sulfur burning , and
Not recorded ,
The plastering over of bloodshed on a dyed masonry court .
Movement and time , so colourfully interwoven by the Ullamaliztli spectacle
In the presence of an entire city
Lost in translation
In a tea-stain’d notebook .
An error in the gnomon .
A snakebirth robbery .
Cortez sits a while ,
Moves into the shade .

Against an Autumn sky
Bent blades of grass .
Six muddy lines across crippled , browning leaves .
Pawprints .
Bootprints .
Sound of breath becoming heavier , intervals
Shorter .
A crow across the landing .

Relationships Of Time
Gails moving in circles
Breaking silence and silencing sound .
Talking wall .
Standing still .
Pleasure was the only pursuit
Once .
But the last pursued dream was once a
Fantasy .
Now a meticulously
Detailed plan .
Now down a spiral of antithetical forces
Wind and water shape time
And we get older watching .
I’d like to think the wind and water get old too .
Just whoopin' and hollerin' ain't enough .
Right brain writes its Requiem
Pushes harder into the Page .
Half-erased pencil smudges and some piece of something I ate
Appearing on a Napkin .
The sheet music rips
And the piece is over .
In tandem, the cradling .
Arc in progress / process
Breaks silence and through notation , silences the sound .
A cold-borne butterfly .
Talking wall .
Standing still .


released November 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Jeremy Young / szilárd Montreal, Québec

reel and unreel tapes, pure and unpure tones. royal edits.


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